Gangbang at the Cement Bridge

I think back, from time to time, about my years in high school. It was Texas, the 60’s and many of us were beginning our sexual awakening. Fucking your girlfriend wasn’t something that happened on a regular basis, but there were girls that liked to fuck and didn’t mind sharing their bodies. Pat and Marie were two of these girls and were best friends. They may not have been the most beautiful girls in our school, but they weren’t ugly either. I remember back when we were Sophomores in High School. They were just average girls with good bodies, long hair and big boobs.

Family bathroom

Our family lives in an old farmhouse that had only one bathroom for the four of us to use. The family includes my dad and mom, my sister and myself. Dad is 36, mom is 34, I’m 20 and my sister is 18. Mom is what guys would consider a MILF, she is trim and fit with big tits and a nice ass. My sister takes after mom and was an early bloomer and has tits almost as big as moms’. I am very much like my dad, 6’2” tall and about 175 pounds. Dad manages a store for a living and sometimes works six days a week.